About Me

My name is Kenneth Scott Martin, but everyone just calls me Kenny. I was born on May 4, 1990 and I have grown up in Pacifica, Calif. I started bowling in bumper bowling leagues at the local Sea Bowl when I was six years old, but it wasn’t until I was seven years old that I knew I wanted to be a professional bowler. One January morning of 1998, I watched Parker Bohn III roll a perfect 300 game during the telecast of the ABC Masters tournament, and I instantly felt a strong desire to accomplish that same feat. Immediately after the telecast, I asked my dad to take me bowling, and the rest is history.

Having bowled in numerous leagues and tournaments, I have met many amazing people and athletes, made life-long friends, and experienced many wonderful moments, and I couldn’t really imagine not bowling for a living.

But, if the bowling thing doesn’t work out (perish the thought!), then I figure I might as well write about bowling, and so I chose to major in journalism. It would be quite fun to follow the touring players around the States and get to interview all of the major stars and witness the best bowling in the world.

When I am not bowling or hanging out with my younger sister or friends, other hobbies I enjoy are hiking, playing card games, and playing video games (check out my neat blog on video games and their contribution to art by clicking on this link: video games are art).


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